The beauty of Pedestalled Solar Panels is that not only can you place them for optimum efficiency, but some models also rotate to follow the sun for optimum efficiency since the amount of light absorbed by a solar cell depends on the angle of incidence of whatever direct sunlight hits it. Some models even retract at night to protect the panels from the elements while others are ingeniously designed to be a hub for personal charging below the panels.

This Stand-alone Solar Energy Technology is being manufactured in various shapes, sizes, and, designs. Many pedestalled solar panels are designed to resemble flower petals or stems and leaves making them more aesthetically pleasing.

One thing to keep in mind with these solar panels is that there are usually substantial installation charges on top of the cost of the Solar Panels to create a really strong foundation, but as the industry develops, even those costs are sure to come down.

Pedestalled Solar Panels are often found in residential settings along with parks, and parking lots and are bound to be popping up more and more where solar power charging stations are advantageous.