Resources for Green Living links articles and videos embracing many aspects of ways to live a healthier, sustainable life for you and precious Gaia.

Renewable energy is a huge focus of this site featuring Geothermal Energy, Biofuel Energy, Wind Energy, Water Energy, various ways of Storing Energy, and of course Solar Energy in a big way, including projects big and small, Portable Solar Products, Solar Vehicles, Solar Watercraft, and Pedestalled Solar Energy Sources.

Desalination and Water Management are also among the most important issues of our time that we explore including Flood Defence, including dams, weirs, water gates, flood barriers, diversion canals, river and coastal defenses, cliff stabilization, beach replenishment, dykes, and more. We highlight Water Sourcing, distribution, and purification from the standpoint of huge projects, to innovative developments and DIY projects. As saving our waters from future pollution and cleaning up the debris that is there, Cleaning our Water on a personal, community, and worldwide basis is of particular importance to us and everyone. Delve into the many inspiring methods and solutions from around the world to help manage water.

We supply information on the many aspects of constructing and operating a commercial or residential Green Building, including eco-friendly materials, alternative clean energy, and more. Our page on Cleaning our Air provides tips on improving both indoor and outdoor air quality, such as employing plants to help remove toxins and natural cleaners to avoid toxins and articles and videos related to advancements in Alternative Energy Sources and Electric Energy powering homes and vehicles on land, sea, and in the air.

We share many helpful tips on our pages Green Gardening and Growing Your Own Food including organic gardening, balcony and urban gardening, vertical and aquaponic farming, capturing water, composting, Helping Pollinators, and more. Find more tips on our Cleaning Our Earth page which covers eco-friendly pesticides and our Recycling page which covers plastics of every kind, safe disposal of toxic products, and highlights the heroic effects of individuals and organizations around the world working to clean up messes and reduce the impact of pollution.

Resources for Green Living

You’ll find many interesting articles and videos reposted from a wide variety of environmental sources covering issues and solutions, especially DIY  projects to help with energy and water management on the Resources for Green Living Facebook Page. We share the latest in technology, developments in cleaning our water such as OceanCleanup, any news we kind find on the desalination industry going forward, innovative ways to turn recycled plastic into bricks, products, and wearable items, impressive steps taken in the solar energy on large scale project to portable solar products with increased efficiency and the amazing strides being made in the transportation industry across the board. There are so many subjects to explore but most of all we want to make living green easy, accessible, and affordable for you and share many DIY projects and helpful tips, links, videos, and articles to grow organic food, harvest and clean water, access energy, and more resources for green living.