Solar Energy Innovations

Resources for Green Living shares news and resources on anything that relates to solar energy for the world.

Benefits of Solar Energy for the World:

  • Greatly reduces ecological footprints
  • Reduces electrical costs on many applications
  • Increases the value of properties
  • Increases Mobility
  • Allows for living off the grid
  • Greatly increases convenience when camping
  • Allows for preparedness during power outages
  • Requires relatively low maintenance
  • Helps bring more equality to the world
  • Benefits education, allowing for more study time
  • Helps with emergency situations
  • Solar-powered water heaters provide savings and back-up

We have listed and or pictured resources regarding solar power devices available in different shapes and sizes, from giant revolving flower petals with  solar panel retracting petals to solar window shades and transparent solar panels, or a thin film that can be printed in rolls or attached to solar-powered backpacks. Glitter-sized solar cells are another intriguing innovation full of potential on multiple levels.

It is wonderful to see so many in B.C. already embracing solar power. Vast expanses of solar farms are being installed on both land and sea around the world. We even have solar/wind-powered floating desalination plants. Let’s get British Columbia covered with solar-powered technology, including Solar-powered street lights, roads, and parking lots are being incorporated to make the most of the field of transportation. Solar-powered boats, cars, and aircraft, are exciting additions as well. Solar paintsolar panels roof tiles, ‘Solar Skin’ panels that match roofs, and water heaters are great innovations for buildings. Rural areas of the world normally without electricity, are lighting up, and providing heat and electricity making this world a better place everywhere.

Other interesting developments include light-absorbing nanowires on fabric that absorb solar energy and devices that are able to absorb energy from the infrared spectrum.

It looks like solar power is here to stay. Let’s embrace and reap the many benefits of going with solar energy for the world.

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